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Landscape hiring ads

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Landscape hiring ads can become costly. The more companies advertise, the more they pay. A recent study found that the number of landscape ads used by companies with 200+ employees increased from 20 to 35 in just the past two years.

A proper placement and running the right ads can be key to a successful hiring campaign. A valuable investment that pays dividends over the long-term. As such, we’ve put together some tips to help you use your print and online advertising more wisely.

1. Landscape Ads Are Paid Traffic

If you’re looking to fill a position, it might seem tempting to invest a lot of money in your ads. So how do you know whether you’re making a wise investment? The simple answer is: you don’t.

Your campaign will drive traffic to your landing page, which you’ve established as a form of traffic control. The question is how will this traffic convert?

After all, you don’t want traffic that just ends up on your landing page. They may have found your listing for the right position, but if they aren’t qualified, they won’t be able to perform the work you’re hoping for.

Instead, you want to see results in the form of a screen-shot or resume that says, “I liked your company and I’m interested in hearing more.”

It’s impossible to know how your specific campaign will pan out, but it’s safe to assume that your investment will pay dividends in the form of qualified leads and referrals.

2. Targeting: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Be Specific

We get it – this is just marketing. Landscape ads don’t generate revenue. But it’s time you stopped wasting money and realized that targeting makes sense.

You’ve worked hard to find and place your advertisement, why not go a step further and target your desired audience?

Targeting ads with highly specific search terms – such as “digital marketing specialist” – makes it clear to the viewer that you’re searching for the best digital marketing agency. The viewer will know the kind of work you’re looking for, and will be more likely to follow through with your request.

Use a highly targeted landing page, too. What was a large image tag before? Now it’s the size of a regular photograph. Here’s why you should be using images as your landing page instead of stock photos.

3. Proper Text: Look for the Right Balance

Let’s be honest, text is something you don’t want to use too much of in your ad. Landscape ads shouldn’t be about text, they’re about the image. Use the right balance and focus on helping the reader (candidate) to decide if the ad is a fit for them.

Instead of including long lists of bullet points, only include the highlights. Mention the most important benefits, and highlight the position’s most essential requirements.

4. Creating a Landing Page

It might sound like a pain, but getting your ad to the right person is half the battle. You need to ensure that you have a landing page set up for your ads.

You have a variety of landing page types to choose from – all with their advantages and disadvantages. Generally, they come in three forms:

Cost per click: These are an option for small, targeted audiences that doesn’t cost much money. However, they aren’t very targeted.

Traffic: These are typically free. You pay a service provider to send traffic to your landing page, but you don’t have any specific targeting.

Paid traffic: This is the option that many companies choose. You pay for targeted traffic and can easily access analytics data.

There’s no best fit, and no right choice. However, you should pay attention to these aspects:

Is the landing page easy to use?

Does it offer the right information to the viewer?

Will it generate the kind of traffic you want?

As an example, if your ad reads like this:

“Landscape executive services company seeks a marketing and development associate”, the landing page should be short and sweet.

It shouldn’t contain details about a client. Instead, the most essential requirements should be on the landing page.

5. Setup the Landing Page for Success

A poorly setup landing page is going to take away from the reader’s experience. Don’t leave things to chance. Instead, make sure the landing page fits your ad well.

If the purpose of your ad is to entice, make sure that the landing page does the same. Make sure the landing page is set up for success, and that the ad gives them everything they need to succeed.

It should be clear how to apply and how to get in touch.

A representative for the position should be included on the page.

Alongside the requirements, you should also include the company’s benefits. You should share the company’s mission and their values. Then, explain how they can help the reader perform the work they’re hoping to be hired for.

Be careful not to include text that’s too ‘company speak’. Don

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