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Chervil is a herb for gourmets - so far rare in our gardens green plantused as a condiment, as well as in salads, omelets, sauces and folk medicine.

Now, when the vegetable gardens are covered with a thin layer of snow, it has become difficult to find something green and vitamin-rich there. Yesterday, digging in the garden, I found openwork green leaves under the snow. It was chervil - a great addition to vinaigrette.

Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) is an annual plant of the celery or umbrella family. Popularly, it is known as a carrot, wild parsley, buteny, snack, zhurnitsa, couper or kupyr. And still there are many different names for him, in each area - its own.

This elegantly soft herb has a delicate scent that combines scents anise, parsley. Not everyone likes the smell of anise, but if you try chervil in salads, especially with cucumbers, in soups, including mushrooms, in pickles, in additions to side dishes, to fish, beans, vegetable and egg dishes, then he begins to like him, and even very much. They are flavored with cottage cheese, cheese, butter, mayonnaise. It goes well with boiled potatoes, pilaf, pork, poultry. The ancient Greeks were very fond of ostrich meat under a hat made of green chervil, and when barley began to come into fashion with them, they also added chervil to their dishes.

Russian peasants once drank kupyr wine, were treated with kupyr infusions, and ate its stems. They did not have to sow it in the garden, because the kupyr in the wild has mastered ravines, wet meadows and forests, where it is still found.

This herb does not grow in the wild in our region. Yes, and in our gardens, it is not widespread, because few know it. But the one who knows does not part with her. Because this is an amazing herb. Its leaves contain vitamin C, carotene, rutin, mineral salts, protein substances, essential oil. In folk medicine, chervil is used for indigestion, to stimulate the digestive system, for bruises, and rashes. It is recommended in dietary meals for liver and kidney diseases.

Chervil is able to decorate the most festive table. Its delicate openwork leaves are very beautiful and elegant. There is one peculiarity of its consumption: it is cut and served on the table just before consumption, so that the delicate aroma does not disappear - this is for true gourmets. Chervil is especially good in a company of several herbs, for example, savory, thyme, lovage... Chervil is not harvested for future use. It is not dried, boiled, fried, because it loses its flavor. Only fresh!

Chervil, having cultivated, began to give much more greenery, and these greens became softer, and the aroma softer. From wild ancestors, he inherited great endurance and cold resistance. Despite the relatively recent wild past, he is very sensitive to agricultural technology, loves care. In vegetable gardens, he prefers warm, lighted places. Grows well in partial shade, even almost in the shade. Dislikes cold lowlands, waterlogged and dense soils. With an excess of moisture in the soil, it turns yellow, it may even die.


Chervil grows on any non-acidic soils, but on light fertile lands it gives much larger yields of the most delicate greenery. The bushes look like green balls with a diameter of more than 20 cm.The soils for crops of chervil need to be dug onto the bayonet of a shovel, add a bucket compost for each square meter of the bed and complete mineral fertilization in accordance with the instructions for this fertilizer.


The first sowing is done in early spring, as soon as the snow melts. You can sow in open ground, or in a greenhouse. The seeds are buried in the soil to a depth of 1–1.5 cm, but you can not cover them with soil at all, it is enough to roll them in. For greater convenience when leaving, it is better to sow in rows with a distance of 30–40 cm between them. To begin with, it is enough to sow a few plants for a test: suddenly you will not like it. Seedlings appear in 10-15 days. When the plants reach a height of 5 cm, they are thinned out, leaving 15–20 cm gaps between the plants.


Chervel is very responsive to taking care of him. He loves it when the weeds around him are pulled out, the soil is loosened and watered, especially in dry weather. Without watering, the greens are dry and tough. Juicy and tender greens are obtained only with a sufficient amount of moisture.


Chervil grows and develops rapidly. Already after a month and a half, well-developed leaves can be plucked from the plants; two months after sowing, you can completely cut them off at the root. They won't grow again. Uncut plants quickly bloom with white umbrellas, their leaves turn yellow and coarse. They need to be left for seeds. They ripen well in chervil in the Leningrad region. They are oblong, when ripe they are black. They remain viable for 3-4 years.

Repeated crops

To always have fresh chervil greens on the table, sowing must be repeated every 20-30 days. At the same time, summer crops - June and July - should be done in more shaded places so that the plants do not bloom for a longer time and retain all the charm of tenderness. If some of the early sowing plants are left with seeds in the soil, they will multiply by self-sowing. The specimens that have risen in the fall often manage to overwinter. Some of the seeds usually emerge in early spring. The last two years, when autumn is very prolonged, all the seeds sprout in the fall. Last year, a huge hat of bright greenery grew in my garden - right for the New Year's table.

Lyubov Bobrovskaya, gardener

Verticillosis (wilt, wilting of plants): signs, control, prevention

Verticillium wilt (verticillus, wilt) is a fungal plant disease that occurs more often than we would like. The reason for the prevalence of verticillosis is the extraordinary vitality of fungal spores, the high rate of spread and the asymptomatic course of the disease in the initial stages.

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